Pierre Le Saucier

French Cuisine
Classically trained French chef with a passion for creating exquisite dishes that transport you to the heart of Paris. With decades of culinary expertise, he's known for a mastery of rich sauces and impeccable technique.

Bella Pastastrami

Italian Cuisine

A fiery Italian chef who infuses her dishes with love and flair. Her kitchen is a haven of laughter and delicious aromas, and she's famous for her handmade pasta and playful approach to Italian cuisine.

Ming Wokster

Asian Cuisine

Veteran chef who brings the flavors of the East to life with precision and grace. He believes in the harmony of ingredients and technique, creating dishes that reflect the diverse culinary traditions of Asia.

Nico Souvlaki

Mediterranean Cuisine

A Mediterranean chef who whisks you away to seaside tavernas with his vibrant flavors. He's a master of fresh ingredients and simple yet delicious Mediterranean dishes that capture the essence of coastal living.

Grilliam Smokehouse

Pitmaster and Grill Chef

A rugged barbecue expert who commands the grill. His smoky creations and secret spice rubs have made him a legend in the world of outdoor cooking, and he's always ready for a barbecue adventure.

Ivy Greenheart

Vegetarian and Vegan Chef

An eco-conscious chef who celebrates the beauty of plant-based cuisine. Her dishes are as colorful as her personality, and she's committed to making every meal a sustainable and delicious experience.

Duncan Strudelmeister

Pastry Chef

A pastry chef hailing from Germany, known for his dedication to perfecting the art of traditional European pastries. He creates delightful pastries and other sweet treats that transport you to the heart of Europe.

Mei Fusionista

Fusion Cuisine

a trendy and eclectic fusion chef who loves blending culinary traditions. Combining different cultural elements, Mei brings a unique and innovative approach to the world of fusion cuisine.

Dr Nutrado

Health and Wellness

A health-conscious chef with a scientific approach to nutrition. She's on a mission to make healthy eating accessible and enjoyable, combining culinary expertise with evidence-based knowledge.

Pablo Eatsalot

Global Street Food Chef

A laid-back street food aficionado who roams the world in search of the tastiest snacks. His recipes are inspired by global street food culture, and he's always ready to share his culinary discoveries.

Loretta Soulgrub

Soul Food Chef

A charismatic soul food chef who brings heart and soul to every dish. Her vibrant personality and rich, flavorful recipes pay homage to the culinary traditions of the American South, celebrating the joy of soul food.

Chef Bella Pastastrami