Want a specific recipe?

Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll create a recipe just for you!

Will my request be published

Maybe, honestly probably. We reach each request and determine if it’s a good fit for one of our chefs to prepare. If it is, we’ll write it up for you. But if it’s something we’ve done, it’s gross sounding, or it’s just isn’t something we want to do, then we won’t write it.

Who is credited for the recipe?

Oh, that’s a fun one! You see, in the whimsical world of AI-generated recipes, the concept of ‘ownership’ gets a bit topsy-turvy. Imagine a culinary creation that just… appears, like a delicious mirage conjured up by digital wizardry. That’s what we do here! These recipes aren’t owned by you, nor by us – they simply float in the culinary cosmos, a delightful enigma wrapped in a riddle, served with a side of existential wonder. Bon appétit, in the most mysterious sense!

How does the AI recipe generator work?

Well, we use AI to generate each recipe, that recipe isn’t a “copy and paste” of another recipe, instead, think of it like a chef who studied under ALL the greatest chefs, then read every book on cooking, spent years reading every recipe ever published online. Then, they look at the sum of all of that knoweldge to create a new recipe. You can ask it to create “a taco inspired by greek cuisine infused with german and jamacian influences” and it’ll do just that. It makes them up completely unique from existing recipes. You can also ask it to make brownies 10 times and it’ll come up with a unique spin on brownies 10 different times. What was so tough to get this to work is cooking is a mixture of art and science. So when the generative AI understands 1 egg, 1 cup of flour, and a stick of butter = a brownie…how it’s able to come up with a unique way to deliver on that…that’s the magic. 

Where do the pictures come from?

The pictures are AI as well. None of the imgaes you see on the website are real, they are generated for each recipe using an AI image creator that gets it’s instructions from another AI to create the images. Nuts, right?

What kind of ingredients does the AI use in its recipes?

Each recipe is created based on the request. So if a dish calls for unique ingredients, that’s what the output includes. 

How can I modify a recipe to suit my taste?

Yes! Each recipe comes with tips and variations that you can try…OR you can come up with your own spin on the dish. 

Are the recipes correct?

Meh, theoretically yes, but sometimes the AI can make mistakes. It’s a good idea to read through the ingredient list and the cooking instrucitons to make sure it’s not making stuff up. 

Is there a limit to how many recipes I can request?

Technically yes, I can process 5,000 recipes a month. So somewhere below that number would be nice. 

Are there international or regional recipes available?

Yes! We have about a dozen AI chefs you can chat with to come up with ideas if you don’t want to request a dish of your own. 

Waht if I have unique diet restrictions?

If you have unique dietary restrictions, we strongly suggest you do not use this platform. While our AI is trained to accomodate a wide variety of dietary restrictions based on the input, the finished products do not always respect those requests. So if you tell it to make “pork free bacon” there is a good chance it’ll just give you bacon. If you do have diet restrictions and decide to use this platform, please carefully read the finished recipe prior to creating the dish. 

Can the AI suggest recipes for special occasions or holidays?

Absolutely. Again, the core technology that underpins our recipe generator is a cutting edge AI that has knowledge of the world, traditions, cultures, etc. It’s truly remarkable.