The Ultimate Microwave Peanut Brittle: A Crunchy Candy Delight

Dec 13, 2023 | Baking & Bread


Prep Time

Cooking Time

10 minutes
9-10 minutes

Difficulty: Easy
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 9-10 minutes
Peanut Brittle Ingredients


– 1 cup granulated sugar
– 1/2 cup light corn syrup
– 1 1/2 cups dry roasted peanuts (unsalted)
– 1 tablespoon unsalted butter
– 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
– 1 teaspoon baking soda
– A pinch of salt

Microwave Peanut Brittle

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Prepare your microwave-safe dish:
– Begin by lining a baking sheet with a silicone mat or greased parchment paper. Set it aside for later.

2. Combining the sugar and corn syrup:
– In a large, microwave-safe bowl, combine the granulated sugar and light corn syrup. Give it a good stir to ensure all the sugar crystals are well incorporated.

3. Microwaving the mixture:
– Place the bowl in the microwave and heat it for 4 minutes on high power. Pay close attention, as microwaves may vary and cooking times can differ.

4. Adding the peanuts and butter:
– Once the mixture is done microwaving, carefully remove the bowl and add the dry roasted peanuts and unsalted butter. Mix them thoroughly until everything is evenly coated.

5. Microwaving for another round:
– Return the bowl to the microwave and cook for an additional 4-5 minutes on high power or until you notice the mixture turning a golden brown color.

6. The grand finale:
– Take the bowl out of the microwave and swiftly stir in the vanilla extract, baking soda, and a pinch of salt. The mixture will bubble and expand while releasing a delightful aroma. This is perfectly normal – don’t fret!

7. Pouring and spreading:
– Now, working quickly, pour the peanut brittle mixture onto the prepared baking sheet. Using a silicone spatula or the back of a spoon, quickly spread it out into an even layer, making sure the brittle covers the entire surface.

8. The cooling process:
– Allow the peanut brittle to cool completely. You can speed up this process by placing it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

9. Breaking it up:
– Once the brittle has cooled, unleash your inner culinary artist and break it into desirable pieces. You can go for classic shards or have fun with irregular shapes – the choice is yours!

Peanut Brittle

Tips and Variations:

– For an extra crunchy brittle, consider adding a handful of crushed pretzels or cornflakes to the mixture just before spreading it onto the baking sheet.
– If you fancy a touch of elegance, drizzle melted dark or white chocolate over the cooled brittle pieces. This adds a beautiful visual and flavor contrast.
– For a delightful twist, substitute half of the peanuts with almonds, cashews, or your favorite nuts.

Now that you have this legendary peanut brittle recipe in your repertoire, go forth and create a delectable treat that will leave your taste buds singing. Remember, whether enjoyed as a nostalgic treat or as a symbol of historical significance, nothing beats the satisfaction of indulging in the perfect homemade crunchy candy.

Peanut Brittle

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